Iftaar Program By SAET On 6 April 2023

Shawkat Ara Educational Trust / SAET (founded by respected Haleema Sadia ma’am in memory of her mother) is a trust geared towards taking care of underprivileged children and developing strategic plans of schools for underprivileged children, organizing teacher training programs, and building staff capacity programs. Shawkat Ara Educational Trust works closely with All India Educational Movement / AIEM for these stated objectives.
On 6 April 2023, Shawkat Ara Educational Trust, organised an iftar invite at the Explorer Academy School (Street No.5, Abul Fazal Enclave, New Delhi).  Madam Haleema Sadia flew in from Maldives for this program on 5th April 2023.
The iftar was attended by apx 50 people with over 35 women (apx) who are teachers of the said school who attended with students or the mothers of the students.
Prominent persons who attended the iftar were:
Professor Khwaja Shahid (President, AIEM and Ex PVC, MANUU)
Dr. Ilyas Saifi, AIEM
Shazia Haidar, Faculty for UPSC examination coaching
Mohammed Azam Sb, Active member of Delhi Waqf English School (DWES) and fellow, Delhi Secretariat
Dr. Shabana Nazeer
Principal of Explorer Academy School
Kaneez Fatma
Advocate Aslam Ahmed
After iftar and maghrib salah and salutary greetings, the respected chief guest Hon’ble Khwaja Shahid Sb addressed the gathering of teachers, parents and students and highlighted the importance of continuing education. He observed that education is never complete not should be complete at any time but should always go on as it is but by nature a rather unending process and we all continue to learn and that is the secret to unravelling the path of life happily. No one case say, however senior in age, that their education is complete. That’s the beauty of education.
The other address was rendered by Ms. Shazia Hyder, who is Faculty for UPSC examination coaching at various institutes in Delhi. She primarily teaches history.  She addressed the students and motivated them to start early for UPSC preparation. She mentioned that UPSC postings are not just a career path but a way to make positive change to society. The students must start early in the competitive environment of today and it should be as early as class 10th itself. She also asked students that they should ask their parents for the right guidance on this subject. She also addressed parents also similarly on this aspect that students must be mentored at the right time and age.
The program ended with sumptuous and delicious dinner that was served to all present.

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