Apology for North East Delhi Riot

Frequently, we Indians have been demanding from time to time that Birtishers should apologise for the massacre done in Jallianwala bagh hundred years ago. But the Britishers have so far expressed only their regret and have not tendered an apology. On the other hand many Americans led by Marrianne Williamson a presidential candidate  in 2020, did not hesitate in publicly apologising for all the atrocities including slavery to lynching to police atrocities and injustices  committed on  African American from the beginning of their history. Back in India, we have Dr Manmohan Singh who also did not hesitate to seek pardon for the great wrong done to Sikh brethren in 1984 after the killing of Mrs Indira Gandhi, the  prime minister of India. Wrongs of the history and consequential damage  cannot be undone by apologies, they can be healed by not repeating the mistakes. It is often good to keep many wrongs remain confined to the pages of history and in the ream of historians outside the memory of newer generations. We have to learn from history and we must learn things which are good for the society. We have Japanese, who do not keep harping on Hiroshima & Nagasaki; they visit the memorial ,remember the atomic holocaust and pray then get busy in building their nation. And thus they have built their nation as one of the most developed countries of the world after the end of World War two in 1948. Their behaviour may find support from the Gandhian philosophy of hating the crime and not the criminal.

Recently, I have to most humbly tell Prof Ujjwal Chowdhry, Pro Vice Chancellor and Dean – School of Media, Communication & Fashion of ADAMAS University, Kolkata, not to apologise for the recent brutal burning and killing of more than fifty old women, children and innocent persons in Delhi. For three days goons got almost free hand and even support from law enforcing agencies and closed eyes of ruling persons to perpetuate inhuman barbaric criminal acts which shook not only the serenity in our country but subjected our country to international condemnation. It took National Security Advisor of the country to move out of his office and walk through the North East District of Delhi to control the lawless pogrom. It is a big blot on the competency and conviction of local Police Commissioner.  The Home Minister, later on, accepted in the parliament that killing, burning and destroying of property was a pre – planned conspiracy. And police intelligence fully failed to apprehend it.It crucial for any administration to anticipate the situation and to take preventive or corrective action well advance. Delhi Police neither exhibited its competency nor its fairness resulting loss of human life and property which brought down the esteem of the country in international world. Political will was also missing till NSA was directed to act after three days. Therefore, I felt very strongly that why should Prof Ujjwal Chowdhry apologies for willful nefarious actions of political and police administration in Delhi.

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